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Munhoe & Mar
Munhoe & Mar a Firm to Watch
Munhoe & Mar a Firm to Watch

Munhoe & Mar - Malaysia Law Firm KL
Munhoe & Mar - Malaysia Law Firm KL

Munhoe & Mar - KL
Munhoe & Mar - KL

Munhoe & Mar a Firm to Watch
Munhoe & Mar a Firm to Watch

The Firm

Munhoe & Mar is a premier boutique law firm which has grown rapidly from its founding partners’ two-lawyer practice in 2013 into a full service law firm of fourteen lawyers; with its head office in Kuala Lumpur and a branch office in Johor Bahru.


Having begun as a law firm specialising in litigation and dispute resolutions, Munhoe & Mar has since expanded its practice into the areas of real estate, conveyancing and corporate commercial.

  • Company & Commercial Law

        - director's duties advisory 

        - Shareholders' rights advisory (Shareholders' / 

                  Shares Sale Agreement)

        - corporate strategy implementation

                 (Merger & Acquisition / Inward and Outward

                   investments / Joint Venture Structuring)

        - advice on company's General Meeting (AGM

                  / EGM)

        - shareholders' dispute, minority oppression

        - capital reduction, winding-up​​​

  • Employment Law

        - retrenchment advisory

        - unfair dismissal & reinstatement

        - domestic inquiry advisory

  • Probate and Letter of Administration (LA)

        - non contentious probate and LA

        - contentious probate and LA

  • Commercial Fraud & Land Fraud

  • Family Law & Divorce Proceedings

  • Tort - Negligence, Defamation

  • Entrepreneur's Legal Solution (ELS)

          - Legally disruptive series for Startup

  • Intellectual Property & Technology Law

  • Contract law

  • Land & Real Estate

        - conveyancing

        - development project

        - tenancy

  •  Compulsory Land Acquisition

  • Construction


Our Practices
Munhoe & Mar's Mission

At Munhoe & Mar, we believe in providing customised legal services and delivering effective solutions to our clients.


Munhoe & Mar focuses on developing practical and efficient strategies tailored for the varying needs of each client. We seek to ensure that our clients' eventual objectives be met.


We will continuously strive to achieve our goal of ensuring that our clients are well-advised and equipped to deal with whatever lies ahead.